From the recipient list to hitting send and everything in between, The Email Maven can help your business achieve your eMarketing goals. Here is a list of services that I offer. To book your email consultation or for pricing, please contact me for more information. 
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List Health and Growth  

List health can affect everything from your sender reputation to your deliverability rate. To make sure all of your wonderful emails are being sent, I will work with clients to establish and maintain a healthy list. With a healthy list, we can build a strong base for organic list growth. 

Email Copy Writing 

Content is key to connecting with your audience. The goal is to develop content that is not only engaging but keeps your recipients coming back for more. I can help you develop targeted messages to get your point and brand across.

Email Metrics Reporting 

Once the email is sent, what happens next? Metrics reporting is what's next! Being able to interpret your email metrics will help you determine what is a success email campaign or what needs more improvement. I will assist all clients with analyzing their email reports to ensure clarity and focus for future email planning.  

A/B Testing 

Different audiences resonate with different messaging. With A/B testing we can establish what type of content, subject lines, call to actions and layout designs work best with your list. By knowing what your recipients respond to, this can help with planning for the next round of emails.

Campaign Management 

I will help manage the tasks that come along with sending out an email which includes establishing the email automation platform, list segmentation, email creation and the deployment of the message. 

Email Creation 

If given the copy and images, I can create a quick email template for your business. 
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